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Your Life is a Sacred Journey
                                                       You are on the Path exactly where you are meant to be right now


Life is movement, change, and transformation, some of it initiated by us, some by our environment. We deal with life’s challenges, blows and wonderful gifts the best way we know to.

What we are today is the result of the path we came.

Move in Grace provides opportunities to learn with your whole being to encourage growth, movement, change, and transformation in your life – realizing that we depend on grace, on the free gift of God, for all we do.

The desire or need for learning and change occurs at different times in our life: When dealing with injuries, as we age and our physical abilities become more limited, when we are challenged to give the best we can, and at time of loss or when life deals us a heavy blow.

The name Move in Grace indicates that in order to truly change both is needed: Our desire and action to change and grace, the free gift of God, leading us along.

Explore the different classes offered (more information about each can be found under "classes":

The gentle movement lessons of the Feldenkrais method® (Awareness Through Movement / Functional Integration) allow the student to explore movement and to find ways to make it easy and pleasurable. This can alleviate pain, help develop new movement options and the lessons are in general experienced as being very relaxing.

Based on the Feldenkrais Method, Walk for Life uses the same learning principles to improve walking. Short "processes" make learning fun and easy to remember. Results are: Improved walking function, better balance and improved posture.

Spiritual direction provides the opportunity to become more aware of the presence of God in our everyday life. The spiritual director listens, encourages and shares in the joys and sorrows of the journey. 


Qigong: Health, vitality and mental clarity are just a few of the benefits of a cultivated qigong practice (pronounced Chee Gung).
Practice breathing techniques, mental focus and gentle exercises designed to generate energy flow and remove blockages, providing an environment for improved and sustained wellness and wellbeing.  Qigong is suitable for everyone.

T'ai Chi Chih is a set of 19 movements and one pose completely focused on the development of an intrinsic energy called chi. T'ai Chi Chih is also known as "Joy in Movement" and the "Effort of no effort" because it is done softly and gently and requires no athletic ability or dexterity and can be done standing or from a seated position.

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